Subgroups (aka County lists) (Long reading!)

W David Samuelsen

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS. Make a new post to the list if you have specific questions about this.

Completed and cleaned up all subgroups.

To join the subgroups (also known as County lists)

Due to a programming glitch (still waiting for reply on this issue from the programmers)

There is a work around.

To join county list, simply do this.

Desktops, full Ipads, laptops
Left side column: Subgroups
Click it to show list of the counties.
Click that county
scroll down below the Hashtag line

select the email address to subscribe to that county.
There are several addresses listed for specific purposes. All created by programmers.

Smartphones and Tabs Apple and Android based
Go to bottom and see "More" to see the menu.

Plese use hashtags as listed and put in subject line. This will filter the messages into specific counties to help ease finding what you are looking for.

Each county has the following already hot linked
  • Return to State Level
  • Rootsweb Archived Messages
  • Hashtag #xxxx
  • Wikipedia
  • Communities
  • FamilySearch
What is allowed?
1. You can upload photos
2. You can have chats, but you must notify the list of open and close.
3. subscribers of the state list can cross-post to county list.

Programmers advise that app for Apple and Android are under development right now, meaning in future you won't have to go through Chrome, Firefox or Safari on your smartphones or half tabs (essentially half the size of a full Ipad or laptop without cover)

David Samuelsen, GL

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