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Hannah CRAW b abt 1787 New Fairfield, Fairfield, CT- d 1849 Greenfield, Greene, IL


She was daughter of Reuben CRAW abt 1745 Bolton, Tolland, CT- d 1828 Fairfield, Franklin, VT

& 2/w Zerviah Lewis SUNDERLAND 1764 North Parrish, Sherman, CT- 1798 Fairfield, Franklin, VT


Hannah CRAW

1/h Isaac BUCK – m.bef 1804

2/h John BARTRAM m. 1813 Fairfield, Franklin, VT


children of John BARTRAM & Hannah CRAW Buck Bartram


Orange b 1817  Fairfield, Franklin, VT

Harriett b 1819     “             “

Nathaniel G. b 1821  “          “

Martha Jane b 1824 “         “

William b 1828/29   “         “

Ira b 1830               “         “


Looking for proof of the following:


  1. Hannah Craw daughter of Reuben Craw
  2. Hannah Craw marriage record to Isaac Buck
  3. Hannah Craw marriage record to John Bartram
  4. Orange C. Bartram is son of Hannah CRAW BUCK & John BARTRAM
  5. Prove Orange C. Bartram relationship with brothers  & sisters.


Family history for CRAW & BARTRAM.   **Fairfield, Franklin Vermont does not have an records of the resources I need.





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