Listowner PLEA - READ!

W David Samuelsen

  Do NOT reply to this.

Post in new post  and send to this specific address

Please post whatever you are looking for now until April 8.

Why?  As the only admin and only moderator.

Those who post first time, has to get my approval to ensure that you are not a spammer or phisher.

April 9 (maybe) until about  April 20, no new posts from those who have NOT posted before will be approved.

Why? I have non-elective surgery April 10 to remove tumor from my neck. It required TWO surgeons to do it and they have to coordinate their schedule to do it. 

So no "I'm sorry", "Get well" etc from you to clutter the mailboxes.

Real posts, please! Once approved, you won't have to worry about new posts having to be approved every time. Those who reply first time, their replies are subjected to first approvals.

David Samuelsen, listowner

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