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Abijah Stoddard Eastman (1780 - 1852) - Find A Grave Memorial
  He dies  10 Mar 1852 in ILL., born 1780 Connecticut  

My records show born 1778 ?

1810 still in Woodbury, Litchfield CT    census  Nara 2 Conn V2 Pg 128.

son George Herbert EASTMAN b 1833-1910  wife Lydia Trowbridge b 1841 Edwardsville, St. Lawrence, NY  d 1900 Blackhawk IA
m 28 Oct 1860 Black Hawk Co. IA  
Margaret Mae Eastman's lineage.

Has anyone had a solve for death difference or for reference to the Indian in this family.  It appears to show in DNA also. Family has hand written story from long that has been also passed down.

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