Sorting out the John Bakers #Litchfield #New-London

Wes Baker

I am trying to sort out the John Bakers who may have started out in New London, but moved to Litchfield County. There is a John Baker Sr, Deacon John Baker, Lieut. John Baker, etc., and it is possible that some of the titles are shared by the same person who went by them at different points in his life. The John Baker I know for sure was born 11 April 1703 in New London and died 07 May 1787 in Roxbury, Litchfield County. He married Patience Hurlbut and his children include Mary Baker (b. 1730; m. Joseph Allen) and Seth Baker (b. 1735; m. Abigail Woodruff).

There are a number of published genealogies since Mary was the mother of Ethan Allen and most of them point back to Alexander Baker who arrived Charles Town, Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1635. However, I recall seeing a reference to an article written some time ago that suggested John Baker of Roxbury was not a descendant of his. I am now trying to find that article again since I didn't make a copy or write down the reference at the time.

I am trying to document the connections, so any help in sorting out all the John Bakers would be appreciated!

Wes Baker

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