WOODWORTH Family Photograph

Shelley Cardiel

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Harry Chester WOODWORTH which was taken at the Bartlett & Webster Studio in Hartford, CT sometime in the 1860's. Harry appears to be about 3-4 years old in the photograph. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding Harry and his family:


Harry Chester WOODWORTH was b. Oct 1860 in Westport, CT to parents Benjamin Lord or Lloyd WOODWORTH (1834-1913) and Mary Elizabeth SHERWOOD (1830-1893).  Harry had a sister, Mary Isabella or Isabel “Bella” WOODWORTH LATHROP (1858-1889).  Harry married Mary Emma CUSICK (1866-1961) and they had two children, Chester Sherwood (1893-1968) and Everett Lord (1895-1970). Harry died 16 Mar 1954 in Westport, CT and is buried in the Willowbrook Cemetery in Westport, CT.


I am hoping to locate someone from this WOODWORTH Family so that the photograph can be returned to their care.  If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.




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