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Hi Shelly, 
Below is info on Cynthia "Cindy"  Bartlett.  She would be age 80 and I believe still living in Harrington, ME 
Here is how I got there.
Oland's mother was Ella Blanche Ingalls. Oland had no children.
Ella's sister was Florence May Ingals 1894-1985 who married Eli John Barlett 1888-1955.
Florence and Eli had a son Thurland Arthur Bartlett 1912-1965 who married Gertrude H Reedy 1912-1986.
Thurland & Gertrude had a son Leonard Fredrick Bartlett 1938-1985 who married Cynthia Francis Small 1940-living (see above).
I don't know if or how many children they may have had. Any children would be blood relatives of Ella and son Oland. 
This is about the closest relative I could find.
Good Luck,


On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 1:57 PM Shelley Cardiel <shelleyrcardiel@...> wrote:

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Oland I. ATKINSON age 2 years and Ella B. I. ATKINSON age 23 years which is dated 25 Dec 1915 and includes the inscription "A Merry Xmas".    Based on limited research I was able to find the following information regarding Oland and his Mother Ella:


Oland I ATKINSON was b. 5 Dec 1913 in Bar Mills or Buxton, ME to parents Laurence H. ATKINSON (1893-1970) and Ella Blanche INGALLS (b. Dec 1892) who were married 8 Jan 1913 in Buxton, ME.  Oland’s Mother died and his father remarried Maybell E. BOYLE (1898-1983) but it doesn’t appear that they had more children. Oland married twice, first to Margaret Etherl CORLISS EVELETH (1913-1992) on 11 May 1936 in Portsmouth, NH and second to Joy BLACKDEN SHANAHAN (1929-2017) in 1952.  Oland died 16 Mar 1969 in East Windsor, CT and is buried in the Arlington Cemetery in Windham Center, ME.


His Mother was Ella Blanche INGALLS b. Dec 1892 in Maine to parents Malcolm Vincet INGALLS (1872-1958) and Eva M. ELWELL (b. 1873).  Ella was one of three children born to the couple including Ella Blanche; Florence M.; and Elston Paul INGALLS, all born between 1892 and 1911.  It appears that Ella passed away sometime between the time this photograph was taken and about 1920.


I’m hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photograph can be returned to their care.  If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be please contact me.




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