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W David Samuelsen

I saw something impossible - 2 marriages

Dates of children shows she could not have been the wife of Isaac Buck. She is buried as Bertram.

David Samuelsen

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My problem is that there is proof that Hannah Craw is daughter of Reuben Craw.

There is no proof of her marriage to Isaac BUCK

There is no proof of Isaac Buck death

Hannah Buck married John Bartram, my ancestor but nothing to prove that she was first Hannah Craw.

Orange Bartram was son of John Bartram and Hannah Buck (maiden name Craw).

I am trying to find something that proves that Hannah Buck Bartram was Hannah Craw.




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Reuben Craw

born 1742, Ridgefield, Connecticut (not Bolton)

died 1828 Fairfield, Vermont

enlisted in the Army in American Revolutionary War, at Litchfield, Connecticut.


David Samuelsen


Barbour Collection does NOT have Bolton VR. Not even Ridgefield.


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I have been looking for CT records but have not located as I expected:


Reuben CRAW   1742- Bolton, Tolland, CT


daughter Hannah CRAW  abt 1790- New Fairfield, Fairfield, CT


1ST husb.  Isaac BUCK- abt 1760 New Milford, Litchfield, CT


John BARTRAM- 1774-  Reading, Fairfield, CT


Also looking for marriage record:  Hannah BARTRAM to Isaac BUCK bef  1804

death record for Isaac BUCK abt 1805

widow Hannah CRAW BUCK – 1 child – Reuben BUCK 1804

widow Hannah CRAW BUCK m. John BARTRAM 1813






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