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I've got genealogybank - unfortunately I didn't find any of the ones you asked for.  

I found an article about Joseph Petrauskas becoming a citizen in 1919

There are quite a few obits of Petrauskas in the Chicago newspapers - but not many for CT


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Looking for these obituaries:

- Jonas (John) Puodziunas, died 21 May 1989 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Matilda (Mrs. John) Puodziunas (maiden name Petrauskas), died 3 Jul 1994 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 5 Mar 1966 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 27 Dec 1978 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Anna (Mrs. Joseph) Petrauskas (maiden name Gelgota), died 12 Mar 1981 in Prospect, Conn.

Thank you.

Bill J
Kensington, Maryland

Re: Looking for obituaries - Petrauskas

Chris Klemmer

Try contacting libraries in the towns where each of these people died. This has worked well for me. Please note,  they sometimes charge a modest look-up fee. 
The CT State Library is also a good resource at .

Obituaries For Petrauskas in CT



If you go to "" and select on "CT."  Then type in the name of "Petrauskas" and then select on "all."
You will find there are six people with that surname with Obits in CT. One of them might be the one you are looking for. If that doesn't work for you, contact me and I will pull them up and try to help you directly.
George Hoyt

Re: Looking for obituaries

William Cochran

The Silas Bronson Library in Waterbury will do obituary look-ups.  They have been very helpful to me in the past and offer a quick and courteous service at no charge.

Here is a link to their site that provides instructions.:

Best of Luck with your search!!

Will C.
River Edge, NJ

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