CLYNE Family of New Haven #New-Haven

Robert Thomas

Hi Listers,
Looking for any new information on the CLYNE Family of New Haven. Specifically, the descendants of a Clyne from Ireland (probably Roscommon or Leitrim) with the following offspring that settled in New Haven 1840 to 1850: 
1) Peter Clyne (abt 1797- 1852) m. Bridget McGrail, had the following children- John Clyne (1823-1890), Peter Clyne (1830-1876), Mary Clyne (1834-), Patrick Clyne (1838-1909)
2) John Clyne (1804-) m. Anne (1815-)
3) Patrick Clyne (1810-) m. Bridget (1820-), had the following children- Ellen Clyne (1852-), Mary Clyne (1854-), Julia Clyne (1856-), James Clyne (1856-), William Clyne (1856-)
All with birth dates prior to 1851 were born in Ireland, all lived in New Haven, and most died there. Any info appreciated! Thanks!
Robert Thomas