FOWLER - THOMAS Family Photograph

Shelley Cardiel

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Charles FOWLER which appears to have been taken in the early 1900's.  Charles appears to be in his 50's at the time.  There is no photographer or studio location indicated on the photograph.  Charles is identified as "Grandfather" and also the "Father to Beth, Fred, and Lillian".  Based on limited research I was able to find the following information regarding Charles and his family:


Charles Sumner FOWLER was b. 26 Oct 1853 in Lebanon, CT to parents Edward Perry Clinton FOWLER (1818-1899) and Elizabeth “Betsy” THOMAS (1822-1883) who were married 8 Sept 1842 in Lebanon, CT.  Charles was one of 6 children born to this couple including, John Clinton; Nelsen L.; William F. or T.; Emeline Lydia; Charles Sumner; and Edward Perry Clinton FOWLER, all born between 1844 and 1861.  Charles married Alice Lord THOMPSON (b. 1856) on 20 Nov 1869 and they had three children including Carrie Lillian; Frederick Charles; Elizabeth M. Thompson FOWLER,  all born between 1881 and 1891.  It appears that Charles may have married a second time and had two additional child Winifred Susan FOWLER (1904-1973) and Lillian Alice FLOWLER (1907-1990) both born in Shanghai, China. 


Charles died 5 Dec 1935 and was buried in the Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park Cemetery in Seattle, WA.


His daughter Carrie Lillian FOWLER was b. 15 Jan 1881 in Lake City, MN and she died 26 Aug 1955 in Seattle, WA.

His son Frederick Charles FOWLER was b. 18 Jun 1888 in Minneapolis, MN and he died 24 Mar 1923 in White Salmon, WA.

His daughter Elizabeth Thompson FOWLER was b. 25 Jun 1891 in Minneapolis, MN and she died 7 Mar 1980 in King Co., WA


I am hoping to locate someone from this FOWLER Family so that the photograph can be returned to the care of family.  If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.