Looking for obituaries


Looking for these obituaries:

- Jonas (John) Puodziunas, died 21 May 1989 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Matilda (Mrs. John) Puodziunas (maiden name Petrauskas), died 3 Jul 1994 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 5 Mar 1966 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 27 Dec 1978 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Anna (Mrs. Joseph) Petrauskas (maiden name Gelgota), died 12 Mar 1981 in Prospect, Conn.

Thank you.

Bill J
Kensington, Maryland

William Cochran

The Silas Bronson Library in Waterbury will do obituary look-ups.  They have been very helpful to me in the past and offer a quick and courteous service at no charge.

Here is a link to their site that provides instructions.:

Best of Luck with your search!!

Will C.
River Edge, NJ