Looking for obituaries - Petrauskas


I've got genealogybank - unfortunately I didn't find any of the ones you asked for.  

I found an article about Joseph Petrauskas becoming a citizen in 1919

There are quite a few obits of Petrauskas in the Chicago newspapers - but not many for CT


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Looking for these obituaries:

- Jonas (John) Puodziunas, died 21 May 1989 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Matilda (Mrs. John) Puodziunas (maiden name Petrauskas), died 3 Jul 1994 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 5 Mar 1966 in Prospect, Conn.
- Joseph Petrauskas, died 27 Dec 1978 in Waterbury, Conn.
- Anna (Mrs. Joseph) Petrauskas (maiden name Gelgota), died 12 Mar 1981 in Prospect, Conn.

Thank you.

Bill J
Kensington, Maryland

Chris Klemmer

Try contacting libraries in the towns where each of these people died. This has worked well for me. Please note,  they sometimes charge a modest look-up fee. 
The CT State Library is also a good resource at https://ctstatelibrary.org/contact-us/email-us/ .