NYE - SNIFFEN - BRISTOL Family Marriage Certificate and Letter

Shelley Cardiel

I've recovered the original marriage certificate for Lewis Alfred NYE and Eugenia Rex SNIFFEN who were married in Brooklyn, NY on the 30th of May 1919.  The wedding was witnessed by Marjory B. RUGG and Charlotte P. BOYNTON and officiated by Nehemiah BOYNTON from the Clinton Avenue Congregational Church.  Also included with the certificate is a letter from the Minister written to Lewis at the General Hospital in Eastview, NY.  He talks about him convalescing rapidly and will soon settle into their own home. 


Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding the couple:


Lewis Alfred NYE was b. 1 Mar 1899 in Sandwich, MA to parents George Henry NYE (1872-1954) and Cora Mae or May BRISTOL (1876-1959) who were married 19 Feb 1893 in New Haven, CT.  Lewis was one of 5 children including Frances Marion; George Olin; Bertha Amelia; Lewis Alfred; and Lillian Bristol NYE, all born between 1893 and 1900.  Lewis married Eugenia “Jennie” R. SNIFFEN (1895-1977), and they had three children including Charles Warren or Rex; Barbara Eugenia; and Lois Alfreda NYE, all born between 1920 and 1924.  Lewis died 6 Nov 1986 in Long Beach or Los Angeles, CA and is buried in the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, CA.


Eugenia Rex SNIFFEN was b. 13 Feb 1895 in Port Chester, NY to parents John Milton SNIFFEN (1860-1900) and Ida Elizabeth REX (1862-1941) who were married 24 Mar 1884.  Eugenia was one of 11 children born to this couple including Daisy; Anna Louise; Catherine Elizabeth; Charles Harvey; Emma Bible; Hattie; John Milton; Eugenia “Jennie”; Harry Joseph; Mary; and Baby Boy SNIFFEN, all born between 1881 and 1900.  Eugenia died 7 Jan 1977 in Orange Co., CA and she is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA.


I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the documents can be passed onto family.  If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.